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Check Out the Distinct Personality of the Snowshoe Siamese Cat

Snowshoe Siamese Cat Personality
The Snowshoe Siamese cat, initially known as 'Silver Laces', is a blend of a Siamese and American Shorthair. This cat is known for its distinct personality and attractive features. In this article, we will discuss the personality of this breed.
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
It started off, when Dorothy Hinds Daugherty, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, found three unique, but very attractive kittens in a Siamese litter. She was so amused with their combination, including the pure white paws, that she thought of having them graded as an individual breed altogether. Dorothy then bred the kittens with the American shorthair breed which ultimately gave their offsprings the inverted 'V' mark on their face. Later, the Cat Fanciers Federation accepted this breed for registration and exhibition.

In 1994, the International Cat Association (TICA), accepted this breed as a championship breed. Thereafter, the look that so besotted Daugherty, also captivated the hearts of other animal lovers. Besides the looks, it was the personality that was endearing, and thus, catapulted the cat to its popularity. However, the championship status by TICA is not recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).
A Snowshoe Siamese is of a medium build. The female is usually smaller in size as compared the a male. It has sparkling blue eyes and a triangular-shaped head. A Siamese has an inverted 'V' shape around its nose and mouth, which is mostly white in color. The paws are white, which gave this breed its unique name.
Personality of Siamese Snowshoe Cats
  • Siamese Snowshoes get attached to people very easily. They may be closer to a certain member of the family, but this will not stop them from gelling close to the others. They are attention seekers, and are more than happy if they get enough attention from their owner.
  • They do not really need huge open spaces to enjoy themselves. They can easily adjust in a small apartment. However, they love heights, so you would usually find them over a tall rack, cupboard, loft, etc. They love sleeping with the owner, on the owners bed. They are very fond of human company and if pampered, they might also forget the fact that they aren't human.
  • These cats do not like to be left alone. Although of a docile nature, they may express their displeasure at being left alone, in a mellow voice. Nevertheless, they will be quite persistent in registering their complaints. The cat, however, will be fine when left at home with another cat.
  • These cats might come across as very calm and composed animals, however, they are very energetic and playful. Noise does not disturb them, and they are very comfortable and friendly with kids as well. Their love for water is never-ending. Dripping water from a faucet fascinates this breed. They take pleasure in swimming, baths, or simply playing in water.
  • If you own a Snowshoe Siamese, you would know that this breed is a class apart. They are very intelligent and always want to please people. Therefore, they tend to learn tricks easily. Perhaps, they get this quality from their ancestors. They use their smartness in opening cabinets, refrigerators, doors, etc. They love to carry objects in their mouth like their Siamese cousin, and enjoy retrieving objects that you might throw to be brought back. They can be put on a harness while walking too.
  • This breed is also friendly with other cats and animals like dogs and rabbits. They enjoy talking and have a very distinctive tone. Two Snowshoes usually do not have the same personality. Some may be bossy in nature, some may be shy, some are loners, while others are very caring.
  • At times, they love showing-off and are extroverts by nature. They aren't weak-hearted, and tend to hold almost everything in their stride. They love when cuddled like babies and are very sweet-tempered. However, they can get very stubborn at times.
Extra Information
If you plan on adopting a Snowshoe Siamese, there are a few general things you should know about them. They are;
  • These cats have short hair. Hence, not much attention would be required for grooming.
  • It is important to brush your cat's hair at least once a week, in order to improve circulation and remove dead hair.
  • A little training is essential, to teach and maintain good manners in your cat.
  • Healthwise, this breed is pretty healthy and may not face many health problems. However, a little exercise and a yearly visit to a veterinarian is important.
  • They cannot handle loneliness, hence, make sure that you do not leave your pet alone for prolonged period of time.
These cats are playful, yet mellow, seeking attention, yet comfortable to be left with another feline, attached to the owner, yet very friendly with the rest of the family. It is the gregarious yet adjusting Snowshoe Siamese personality that makes this cat an adorable pet.
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