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Facts About the Colorful and Unique Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed

Facts About the Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed
Meet the most colorful cat breed on the planet - the Oriental Shorthair. Know more about the facts of this spectacular Siamese breed, in this CatAppy post.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Did You Know?
The Oriental is an offshoot of the Siamese, but its coat, which can be long or short, doesn't have points. The fact that it comes in more than 300 colors and combinations, has given it the nickname
- Ornamental.
I love cats. The 'meows' and 'purrs', and a little aggression, makes them distinct and solitary creatures. While we have seen cats in most colors and patterns, did you know that there is a domestic cat with a coat of more than 300 combinations of colors? Now that is a big number for variation in an animal's skin coat. We are impressed, and also sure that most artists would definitely like to meet this breed of cat, which is the Oriental Shorthair cat.

Many cat breeds have been created using the Siamese cat breed, and the oriental shorhair is also a hybrid of the Siamese, created by keeping in mind distinct traits like hair length, color, and new patterns. This cat is also a non-pointed, meaning, the pattern or the color of this cat does not span only specific areas, but the entire body.
Oriental Shorthair Cat Facts
Birth History
Oriental brown cat
✦ As we know, the Oriental Shorthair cat is a Siamese cross breed invented by man. The Siamese cat is known to mankind since the early 1800s, but it was in the latter half of the century that these cats were imported into the UK.
✦ The Siamese hybrid creation was planned. Initially, it was only to broaden the Siamese gene, as after World War II, most breeds and breeding programs were destroyed. Most breeders wanted a cat with the Siamese traits, but in varied colors and patterns.
✦ Breeders in Britain crossed Siamese cats with other breeds like the Abyssinians, British Shorthair, and Russian Blues. Kittens that were born of this breeding did not have a Siamese pointed pattern. They were then crossbred with Siamese cats again. Eventually, after a few generations, the kittens had the exact body and shape of the Siamese cat, and also varied patterns and colors.
Physical Traits
Three oriental cats
✦ The oriental cat has a distinctive personality and individuality too. As discussed above, this cat is a hybrid of the Siamese crossed with Abyssinians, Russian Blues, and American and British Shorthairs.
✦ These cats retain the Siamese body structure, which is a long slender body with tapering lines, fine bone structure, and a svelte look. They are medium-sized cats, and weigh around 5 - 10 pounds. They have a lean but muscular body. These cats do not have more fat or bone, but just a slender tubular body.
✦ The narrow frame of the body has an even width from shoulder to hip. The tail, muscles, legs, and toes of this cat are slender and graceful. The hind legs are slightly higher than the front legs. They have oval, small, and dainty paws. They gracefully swish a long tapering tail as they walk.
✦ The head and neck is longer than average. They have a wedge-shaped head that tapers to a smooth muscle. The ears are strikingly large and pointed, with a wide base.
✦ These cats have medium-sized almond-shaped eyes that slightly slant towards the nose. Blue- and green-colored eyes are most common, while there also are cats with odd-color eyes. The color of the eyes depends on the coat color.
✦ The Oriental Shorthair has a glossy, fine, short, silky, and close-lying (close to the body) coat. Interestingly, these cats come in a wide array of 300 patterns and colors.
✦ We could say that this cat is the most colorful breed on earth. Right from patterns like tabby, bi-color, silver, smoked, tipped, shaded, to colors like fawn, cinnamon, havana, and lilac, they are found in varied patterns and beautiful coat colors.
Personality Traits
Black oriental cat
✦ Just like the colors on their coats, these cats have a colorful personality too. The Oriental Shorthair is filled with high energy and enthusiasm. They are curious, people-oriented, lively and intelligent creatures, who crave for attention, love, and care.
✦ They will make sure they get your attention, by involving themselves in every activity that you do. Orientals are very talkative, and they have a very loud raspy voice too. They are helpful in their own way. They will follow you everywhere possible.
✦ These cats are highly social. They have a serious attachment to people they love, and their families. Make sure you give them plenty of social life, introduce them to many people, and take them to new places.
✦ Curiosity makes these cats explore the highest shelves and deepest drawers in your house. They are long-jumping cats and love to fetch. They can entertain themselves with toys and other objects for hours.
✦ They get along with children and the elderly too, with equal affection. Sometimes, they may get extra attached to a particular member of the family.
✦ An Oriental Shorthair will purr loudly, when given less or no attention. Shower them with the needed attention and care, and they will make you a trusted companion for life. They are excellent pets for those who like a fun-filled and exciting life.
Grooming and Health
Two oriental short hair cats
✦ These cats have a good lifespan of up to 15 years, and sometimes even longer. They are easy to maintain, and have less grooming hassles.
✦ Brushing their fur with a clean and stainless steel comb once a week is enough to get them clean and shining.
✦ Due to the short length of fur and closeness of the coat to the body (they do not have an undercoat), they shed very little. These cats are found to be less irritating, even to people with allergies.
All in all, the Oriental Shorthair cat breed is the perfect choice for those people who love cats. They are simply colorful in every aspect.