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Unique Facts About the Shy and Gentle Nebelung Cat

Facts About the Nebelung Cat
Nebelungs are unique among cats, owing to the loyalty they display towards their owners. These shy and intelligent felines can sense the mood of a household very well, which is why they are considered excellent pets. A few interesting facts about Nebelung cats are listed in this CatAppy post.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
It is safe to feed a Nebelung cat with food manufactured by most quality brands. However, owners should remember one thing, that feeding cow's milk to them can cause a stomach upset.
The Nebelung is a rare kind of cat breed. In German, the word, Nebelung means 'creature of the mist'. This domestic cat is known for its dense coat. The coat is different from that of pure blue cats. The Nebelung possesses a double coat. The top coat is silvery and the undercoat is medium-blue in color. The upper, silvery coat offers the Nebelung a ghost-like appearance.

This cat is characterized by long limbs, a long tail, and medium boning. The neck of a Nebelung has a graceful appearance. This cat has paws that are rounded and oval in shape. The tufting between the toes provides the necessary cushioning it needs. The weight of male and female Nebelungs range from 8 - 11 pounds and 6 - 9 pounds, respectively.
Nebelung Cat Facts
One of the striking characteristics of Nebelung cats is they rarely sharpen their claws. They hardly exhibit any kind of violent behavior. Here is more on these peace-loving felines.
Nebelung Cat
Scientific Name: Felis catus
➾ The International Cat Association (TICA) was the first association to recognize/register the Nebelung cat. This cat breed was developed by Cora Cobb (Nebeleim). The Traditional Cat Association (TCA) and Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF) have also registered this cat breed.
Russian Blue cat
Russian Blue cat
➾ The Russian Blue cat, from which the Nebelungs originated, was earlier known as the Archangel cat. It was named so because it came from a city called Archangel.
➾ The Nebelungs of Europe are generally larger than their American counterparts. Cats from New Zealand and Australia are also found in shades of white and black.

➾ Siegfried (1984) and Brunhilde (1985) were the cats from which the Nebelungs in America have originated. In 1986, they produced 3 kittens. These kittens had long and blue-colored fur.
Nebelung cat
➾ If compared to most other cats, the ears of Nebelung cats are larger in proportion to their head. The ears are held up high. Also, the Nebelung's whisker pads are pronounced. Their head is wedge-shaped and the muzzle is medium-sized.

➾ The Nebelung is often described as a Russian Blue with semi-long hair. It was imported into Britain from Russia at the end of the 19th century.
➾ These cats possess almond-shaped eyes that are widely spaced. The Nebelung's eye color is vivid green. However, it could also have eyes that are yellow-green in color.

➾ The gene pool of Nebelungs, owing to their lesser number, is small. Therefore, these cats are often bred with Russian Blue cats to increase the genetic diversity.
➾ Nebelungs are playful and affectionate in nature. Although they are affectionate,, it requires some time for them to get used to a household setting.

➾ These cats are a bit different from other breeds of cats in terms of behavior. Their loyal nature sets them apart from regular cats, and this behavior is often linked to that of dogs.
➾ Nebelung cats tend to get uncomfortable in the presence of strangers. The life of these cats revolves mostly around their owners and their family.

➾ These cats don't need much attention. In fact, they are better off alone, and their owner doesn't have to look after them all the time.

➾ This cat is quite hardy, and there aren't any health problems specific to the Nebelung breed. Enteritis and flu are the health ailments for which this cat needs vaccination.
➾ The average litter size of this cat is 3. The lifespan of a Nebelung cat ranges from 13 - 15 years.

Cat 101, a show on the channel 'Animal Planet', profiled the Nebelung cat.
The Nebelung is one of the most beautiful cats around, and is also gentle in nature. It doesn't suffer from as many health problems as other cats. More importantly, it is affectionate and likes to spend time with the family. All in all, the Nebelung is an excellent pet.