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Cat Flea Treatment Reviews

Cat Flea Treatment Reviews

Fleas in cats is a common and harrowing problem faced by many owners. This article lists the reviews of some treatments for the same.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Fleas are a common infestation that bother household pets such as cats and dogs. These are wingless parasites which thrive on animal blood by sucking it. They bite the animal while drawing blood from its skin. This causes the animal to scratch and bite itself. As a result, the skin becomes itchy, red, and sore. The exposed skin can invite a plethora of infections and diseases. Therefore, it is important to counterattack a flea infestation at the first sight. Usually, infestations in cats are a bit difficult to get rid of completely, since fleas multiply at a tremendous rate. However, certain medicines available in the market can help in controlling it. Given below are some treatment reviews to get rid of fleas on cats.

Treatment Comparison

Treatments are available in four different forms, shampoos, dips, oral medications, and spot-on topical medications. Shampoos are trusted by most cat owners as they are simple to use. You only have to bathe your cat with it. The shampoo kills active fleas and some larvae. However, its effect rarely lasts longer than a day. The second form called dips is also equally popular. Dips can take care of fleas as well as ticks and mites. Besides, their effect lasts longer than shampoos, one week to be precise. Oral medications are by far the most effective. They release some chemicals in the body. When the fleas suck the blood from the animal's body, the chemicals are passed into the fleas' bodies. These chemicals prevent the flea eggs from hatching. This keeps their population in check. Prolonged use of oral medication eventually gets rid of all the infestation. The last type of medicine, that is spot-on topical application, is also effective in controlling flea populations as it reduces the activity of the larvae.

Treatment Reviews

Advantage is a great medicine for short-term extermination of fleas. It begins its effect within 12 hours of application. It kills fleas and larvae, but has no effect on ticks and mites. You need to apply it once a month on the back of the neck of your cat. It can be obtained any from a pet store without a prescription.

Capstar is the fastest acting flea control medicine. It is in the form of a pill and is to be administered orally. The pill can be given every day until the infestation disappears completely. This medication is free of any side effects.

Frontline or Frontline Plus is preferred by many cat owners and vets since it is touted as the safest product available in the market. Frontline is good for everyday usage if your cat does not experience a severe flea infestation. It is not recommended for rapid effect. It is mostly of a preventive nature.

If your cat contracts more than one infestation, such as heartworm, ticks, mites, and an array of other parasites, then this product is for you. Moreover, it comes at a dollar or two less than the other popular products available today.

Sergeant's Gold
Sergeant's Gold is a flea killing shampoo. It is a good product only if you wish to keep the infestation at bay. Similar to any other flea shampoo, its effect also lasts for about a week.

If the infestation is mild, you may also consider using some natural treatment. While going for commercial products, it is always wise to seek your vet's opinion. More so, if your cat experiences any underlying condition, then the chemicals in these products can trigger it, making your cat's health worse.