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Uncontrollably Cute Names for Kittens

Names for Kittens
Are you looking for a unique name for your kitten? You have come to the right place! We have for you, a whole list of names to choose from.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Names for pets should be chosen with the same care and consideration as we chose names for our children. There are a few things that one should keep in mind.
  • Firstly, choose a short name, as cats react to shorter names faster than they react to longer names.
  • Secondly, cats respond to names ending with sound 'e' quicker than they do for names ending with other syllables.
  • Thirdly, the name that you choose should be unique, no doubt, but if calling it aloud in front of others embarrasses you, then it's better to choose some other name.
  • Lastly, if by any chance you do choose a longer name, it is better to pick a nickname which is easier to call out.
Keeping all these considerations in mind, here are a few names that have been divided in four categories.
Female Kittens
A - Alexandra, Anna, Abby, Aggie, Ambrosia, Aspen, Angel, Athena
B - Bo, Britannia, Bella, Bubbles
C - Cassandra, Crystal, Chelsea
D - Diva, Dixie, Dazzle
E - Emily, Evangeline,
F - Flossie, Flower, Florence, Fairy
G - Gilly, Goldie, Gucci
H - Hera, Heidi, Hannah, Harmony
I - Ibis, Ivory
J - Jasmine, Jewel
K - Kiss Kiss, Kiwi, Kiki
L - Lassie, Li Li
M - Minnie, Mystique,
N - Nessie, Natty
O - Olivia, Orchid
P - Princess,Promise, Porsche, Polly, Penelope
Q - Queenie, Quickpounce
R - Roxanne, Ruby,
S - Sarah, Sugar, Strawberry, Stardust, Sydney, Sasha, Shelly
T - Teeney, Tulip, Tiddly Wink
U - Ursala, Uma
V - Veronica, Venus, Velvet
W - Wavy,
X - Xena, Xeny
Y - Yummy, Yemma
Z - Zelda, Zola
Male Kittens
A - Abraham, Apollo, Archie, Aesop
B - Balto, Bach, Baldrick, Basil, Bart
C - Calypso, Carbon, Catkin
D - Diamond, Dupont, Dusk, Dusty
E - Eclipse, Echo, Egypt, Elvis
F - Fatcat, Fizzie, Flash
G - Gemini, Ginger, Godzilla
H - Harvard, Hazel, Honda, Homer
I - Izzy, Isaac, Inferno
J - Jamaica, Jazz, Jet
K - Kelloggs, King, Kiss
L - Littlefoot, Lucky, Liberty
M - Magic, Mercury, Mystery
N - Ninja, Nicolas, Ninja
O - Odyssey, Omega, Oscar
P - Peaches, Paws, Penguin, Polka
Q - Quiz, Quest
R - Rebel, Reebok, Remo, Rocky, Russel
S - Sammie, Saint, Salsa, Sigma, Silver
T - Taurus, Tarzan, Tuxedo, Typhoon
U - Utopia
V - Vanilla, Valentino, Voodoo
W - Walnut, Wimpy, Wizard
X - Xerox
Y - Yogi
Z - Zorro, Zodiac
Black Kittens
A - Africa, Ashes
B - Black Magic, Blackie
C - Carbon, Coca-Cola
D - Dusk
E - Eclipse, Enigma
F - Furblack
G - Good Luck, Gorilla
H - Halloween
I - India, Ink
J - Jetblack, Java
K - Koko
L - Lucyfurr
M - Midnight
N - New Moon, Nightlight
O - Omen
P - Pepper
S - Shadow, Smokie
T - Thunder
W - Witchie
White Kittens
A - Avalanche
B - Butter
C - Cotton, Cloud
D - Daisydee
F - Foggie, Frosty
I - Ice
J - January
M - Milky
P - Pure, Pearl
S - Snowflake, Snowy, Snowbird
V - Vodka
W - White flower, Whiteness, Whitegold, Whitey, Winter.
Here's hoping that with the above assortment of names, you won't have a problem choosing one for your kitten. Additionally, if you have kept a pet for the first time, make sure that you devote enough time on its care.
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