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How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Cat

How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Cat

What is to be done when you dearly love your feline pet but can't stop getting irritated with its hyperactivity? Your endless search for a possible solution to resolve this problem has finally landed you on the right article. Read on...
Anuja Marathe Kanhere
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
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Your perfectly angelic cat sits curled up on a warm sunny spot near a window. It purrs for your attention and at times, tries to snuggle up with you. The picture changes in a few hours and your kitty becomes a holy terror. She gnaws at your new cushions and leather sofas. She drops things on the floor as she jumps on every piece of furniture in your living room. She tries to bite your baby's feet and claws at you. She eats the new electric wiring and she meows all through the night. And while you plan to call it a day and go to bed, she starts scratching the new veneer of your bedroom door. You can't stop wondering why your angel has suddenly turned so devilish? Fear not, for this problem does have some solutions. Try them on your pet and gently persuade your kitty to respond.

Devils to Angels... a 'Patient' Way to Success

Problem #1: My cat meows endlessly all night and scratches on the door till I don't let her inside the room.

The solution to this problem is simple yet testing. A cat's meowing often sounds pleading to some people and if you really love your cat then you might feel tempted to keep the cat near you. Fact is you need not always respond to your cat's calls, as it is just trying to seek your attention. However, make sure that your cat is not meowing out of some fear or physical distress. If you let your cat out of the house at night, then you may include a cat door flap to let in the cat whenever it wants. As far as scratching the door is concerned, use a water spray bottle or a vacuum cleaner to keep the cat away from your bedroom door when you want to go to sleep. You need not always respond to these scratching on the door, so as to make the cat understand that it will not get to see you at any given time as per its whims.

Problem #2: My cat tears the sofa covers and messes up with the whole house when I am not around.

The fact to be remembered is that just like humans, animals need a space that they can call their own. However, messing up your house is definitely not acceptable. Do not scream at your cat as it can definitely sense your anger and will react violently. Instead, select a small private room for your pet from the day of its arrival. To save your home from any destruction, restrict the cat's movement to this room only whenever you are busy or away from home. Provide for sufficient cat food and water along with an old warm blanket for the cat to curl up on. Leave some toys in the room so that the cat can chew them whenever it gets excited. Let your new pet get used to its room before you can expect it to calm down and settle. Till then, you are free to make use of a cat box to carry it around.

Problem #3: My cat meows all night, which keeps me awake.

One of the first and foremost things to be done is to place your cat in its own room and place a music system or radio to play inside the room. The sound of music will fade away the meows of your cat and at the same time will make the cat feel like it has a companion. Yes, cats sometimes make these noises when they feel alone. Similarly, it is necessary to find out if the cat is meowing incessantly as a mating call. A cat's mating season is usually during the spring and the fall.

Problem #4: My cat scratches and tries to bite me every now and then.

This is a really infectious problem. A cat's bite and scratching can cause some serious health issues. I suggest that you clip your pet's nails regularly to keep it from scratching you. As far as the habit of cat biting is concerned, you may opt to hold your cat with help of a thick old towel. Alternately, use hand-gloves when holding your pet. This will stop the sharp teeth of your feline from directly piercing your skin. Make sure to get your pet vaccinated on regular basis to avoid any infections.

Problem #5: My cat is charged up each day and I am afraid it will ruin my home by breaking things.

One of the foremost things to remember is, to divert your pet's energies towards some different activities like playing with chew toys or jumping up to a bait on the fish line. You may use a ribbon to tie a small lightweight bell to its tail. The cat will go round and round trying to catch the bell. All you need to do is keep your cat engaged. Use these tricks regularly before you plan to take a nap or just before you go to bed. These activities are good ways to vent out your pet's excessive energies and at the end of these sessions, your cat may get tired and decide to doze off on its own. You may fix some time for petting your cat and playing with it each day. Offer your pet 'cat treats' for a show of calm behavior.

Cats are smart and intelligent creatures. No matter how hyper she gets, talk to your cat calmly and with respect. Remember, hyperactivity amongst cats is a temporary phase and reduces after a period of time. Meanwhile, you can definitely go on loving your pet.
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