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How Long are Cats Pregnant

How Long are Cats Pregnant

If you have a pet cat, it is essential for you to have complete knowledge about its health and life cycle. This article provides information on pregnancy in cats.
Madhura Pandit
In case you have a female pet cat, you should have knowledge of its pregnancy cycle. The pregnancy cycle of a cat is similar to that of other mammals.

A cat can go into a period of heat (a period of heightened sexual arousal and activity) for more than two times in a single year. If the female cat is not sprayed, she is sure to get pregnant during the state of heat. Cats also tend to carry two litters at the same time. Therefore, if the pregnancy of the cat is confirmed, it is better to prevent her from going out for safety reasons and also to avoid multiple pregnancies.

Signs of Pregnancy

There are no obvious external signs until the pregnancy is in the advanced stage. The first major sign of pregnancy in cats is enlarged nipples. By the third week of pregnancy, the nipples of a cat become large, bright, and pinker. After completion of four weeks of pregnancy, the cat will gain weight and the pregnancy will be very obvious. As it progresses, the abdomen will start bulging. At this stage, you should take the cat to the vet and confirm the pregnancy. Sometimes, enlarging of the stomach can also be a symptom of some underlying illness. If the cat is pregnant, she will experience morning sickness similar to humans. She may not eat properly. Sometimes, pregnant cats also display overly affectionate behavior. She can show restlessness and may not get along with other cats. So, you have to keep a tab on the changed behavior and try to understand the reason behind it.

Cat Pregnancy Period

The gestation period, i.e., the time period between conception to the birth of the young ones for a cat is 62-65 days (9 weeks). It can vary, but anything between 60-70 days is normal. Within 20-30 days, the vet will be able to confirm the pregnancy of the cat.

Pregnant Cat Care

Once you find out that your cat is pregnant, you will have to decide whether to let her have kittens or not. It is possible to spray a pregnant cat, but that depends on numerous factors. You will have to ask your vet about it. It is recommended for only registered breeders to breed cats. Regular health checkups, providing nutritious and balanced diet to the cat is necessary. Pregnant cats eat more but, make sure you do not overfeed the cat. If you are planning to breed the cat, you can build a kittening box for her.

Labor in Cats

When the cat goes into labor, her mammary glands increase in size and she starts producing milk. Her appetite decreases and she may also become reclusive. You will have to immediately take the cat to the vet if she stops eating for more than one day or has an increased temperature.

Before deciding whether to let the cat deliver her litter or not, you should be aware of the delivery procedure and the problems related to pregnancy. Secondly, understand that once the procedure is done, you need to take care of the kittens for a few weeks. If you are well prepared for it, you will have fun in raising the kittens as well.