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Information About the Domestic Shorthair Cats That'll Make You Go Aww

Domestic Short Hair Cats
Domestic short hair cats are the popular cat breeds that are found as pets in American homes. This article provides information about these breeds which will help you understand them better.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Cat associations do not consider domestic short hair cats as a particular breed. However, this has not deterred many cat lovers from bringing home these randomly-bred, ordinary, short-coated cats as pets. Domestic short hair cats win popularity contests hands down as they are no less than any of the aristocratic cat breeds.
Domestic short hair cats are the first of the wild felines to have been domesticated. The ones that are found today are descendants of Felis silvestris lybica, the short-haired African wildcat.
The history of these cats dates back to over hundreds of years, when human settlers grew and stored food. These wild cats were smart enough to understand that humans would provide them with a steady source of food, that is, rodents plaguing their food supplies. They lived around the settlements, and soon people discovered that these cats could help them get rid of the savage rodents. Then, around 4000 years ago, Egyptian cats became popular pets and soon, the Egyptian cat cult became a sacred manifestation of their goddess Bast.
The Egyptians protected their felines and did not allow them to be smuggled or traded outside the country. However, the Phoenician traders transported them to Europe and the British Isles, and the Romans smuggled them to other conquered regions of Europe. The cats were also taken to Asia by the Buddhist monks.
Soon, they began to be transported to other areas around the world. Ships traveling far and wide carried cats along and they spread globally, even to the New World. Soon, these felines came to America, and today are known as the domestic short hair cats.
Brief Description
Domestic short hair cats are often confused with the American short hair or British short hair cats. The latter two breeds are recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), whereas the domestic short hairs are not. They have unknown parentage, whereas the American short hairs are a true pedigree variety.
These randomly-bred domestic cats have a healthy mix of genes, making them a sturdy breed. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, and personalities. If you live in a colder climate, you will find domestic cats with thicker coats and stocky builds. In warmer regions, they have lighter colors and thinner coats.
The personality of these cats is as colorful as their coats. Those who own a domesticated short hair, will vouch for their different and varied temperaments. This is because one cannot say for sure which their line of ancestry is, and therefore, one cannot predict the behavior of an adult cat. You may bring home a really vocal cat who loves to express itself, or a silent type who likes to explore its surroundings quietly. Your kitten may grow into a really large cat or stay small. It may have a really outgoing personality or it may be a bit reserved. Domestic short hair cats are comparatively livelier than long hair cats. The level of socialization and care of the cat will determine its personality.
Life Expectancy
The domestic short hair's life expectancy depends on the amount of care and affection you shower on it. These cats can live for about 8 - 20 years. There are some that have crossed their 20s. A cat's life expectancy can be 2 to 5 years longer if it is spayed or neutered. A proper diet and exercise will mean less health problems, increasing the life expectancy.
These cats cause fewer allergies as compared to long hair cats. The amount of grooming required for them is minimum. Also, the cat allergen or cat 'dander' that is found in the saliva tends to stick to the long hair cats' fur more. Thus, people having cat allergies can think about getting home domestic short hair cats as pets. These cats will lead to minimum allergies due to dander.
Interesting Facts
These cats are ideal pets for families with or without children. They are great for first time cat owners as they require minimum care and maintenance. They have a short, sleek coat that comes in varied colors. They are also a safe bet for people with cat allergies. They require minimum grooming, and an adequate diet will ensure a well-toned body and healthy skin.
This was all about domestic short hair cat facts and personality. You can develop a strong bond with your cat by giving it love and care. Make sure you visit the vet regularly to keep illnesses at bay.
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