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Cute Kitten Names

There are no rules as such for choosing cute names for your new kitten. You can choose whichever name you want. This article provides a list of some cute male and female kitten names to help you make a choice.
CatAppy Staff
There is no doubt that kittens are one of the cutest pets on Earth. However, choosing a cute name for that kitten can be quite confusing, as there are thousands of names to select from when you are naming your pet. By keeping some considerations in mind, you can surely come up with a name that would sound good as well as be an appropriate identity for your little pet.
How to Choose a Name
You can choose a name according to the color of your pet. If you want to name a white kitten, then names such as icy, frosty, pearl, snowy, whitey, etc. are most suitable. If the kitten is black in color, then names like indigo, shadow, or smoky are good choices. If it is a striped kitten, then a name like tiger would be most appropriate. In case of a brown-colored kitten, names such as coffee, cocoa, mocha, cuppa, would suit your pet very well. For yellow kittens, ideal names would be sunny, moony, goldie, and such others. Likewise, cute names can be chosen as per the personality of your kitten.
Remember, the kitten will grow into a cat. So, you should choose a name that will be appropriate for a grown up cat as well. Involve your family members in the naming process of your kitten and then choose the cutest name that suits your pet well. Don't go for very long names. Instead choose shorter names which your pet can easily recognize and associate with. A good option of coming up with a unique pet name is to add a Mr. or Ms. in front of the name as per the gender.
Another good idea is choosing the name of your favorite actor or actress, book character, color, etc. You can even decide on a name which portrays the personality and behavior of the kitten. If you do not want to choose typical names, you can just play with words and make a unique, customized one. If you want to name two kittens, choose names that sound totally different from each other, as kittens should be able to distinguish between the two.
Male Names Female Names
Elmo Holly
Tico Pixie
Fudge Dania
Les Aria
Rusty Ebony
Chap Ciara
Niblet Flossie
Pucci Bailey
Mickey Glowy
Woody Feather
Cacao Mellie
Angus Blondie
Tato Katy
Flare Dew
Mack Apple
Whip Pinky
Blues Sweet
Meao Cindy
Pee Wee Bellini
Ralphie Zoey
Pippin Cassie
Bilbo Emme
Tango Maggie
Pepe Gabby
Zippy Barbie
Chaplin Gigi
Casper Inky
Doris Tortilla
Adam Shelly
Bingo Cloud
Spook Karma
Klutz Fanny
Earl Sasha
Noel Mishka
Thunder Bells
Toscha Sleet
Max Elsa
Sam Bow
Alexander Ribbon
Karl Pebbles

Besides these names, you too can come up with your own ideas and choose a good pet name according to the color, personality, and behavior of the kitten, and also your preferences. You can even mix and match two names and make up a good one.