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The Ever-so-grand Chinchilla: The Most Adorable Persian Cat Breed

Chinchilla: The Most Adorable Persian Cat Breed
Ever seen a cat that is grand, elegant, and fluffy? It might be a Chinchilla Persian cat, the most adorable of the Persian cats. If you want to bring a cat home, it's really hard to ignore such a doll-faced creature. But before that, you need to know all about Chinchilla Persian cat breed and how to care for them.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Persian Kitten
I Thought I Saw a Pussy Cat! I did! I did!
You might recognize the big, fluffy, and furry Snowbell from the Stuart Little movies and Ernst Stavro Blofeld's beloved cat from the James Bond movies.
Chinchilla is one of the types of Persian cat. They are classified as the silver cat. This cat is known for its beauty and elegance. It's doll-like face and velvety fur coat makes this cat breed a very popular choice among people all over the world. Ask any Chinchilla owners about their cats, and they will describe them as doll-faced, fairy-like, and ethereal. Although they look like exquisite cats, they are healthy and active. Don't go on their looks! They make adorable and wonderful pets. You won't regret bringing them home. They make a place in your heart instantly. Know everything about this wonderful feline.
History of Chinchillas
Also known as 'Chinchilla Longhair', they are one of the first cat breeds to be developed by humans. The Chinchilla cat breed is said to have originated in 1882 just by chance mating between a blue Persian cat and non-pedigree dog. One kitten from the litter named, Chinnie, who was then mated to a Silver Tabby. Later on, one of the kittens from this litter gave birth to the first Chinchilla male. He was named Silver Lambkin. The Chinchillas are named so after a rodent of that name of South American origin because of their fluffy and dense silver-white fur coat. The work of separating the Chinchilla Persians as its own breed is still on, as they are still included in the Persian breed. Perhaps some day!
Get to Know Your Chinchilla Persian Cat
Name: Chinchilla Persian
Origin: Persia
Weight: 8-12 pounds
Colors: White, Silver, Gold
Coat Color: Wolf gray, Red gray, Black gray
Eye Color: Emerald, Blue/green
Coat: Thick and Dense
Temperament: Gentle, Calm
Lifespan: 10-12 years
What do they look like?
White persian kitten
  • Chinchillas are one of the most exotic and striking cat breeds.
  • They are known for their long hair, furry, dense, and fluffy coats and doll-like facial features.
  • The undercoat is pure white with tipping of black, silver, or gold.
  • They have round face and large eyes, and their ears are well furnished.
  • Their bodies are cabby and short with short and thick legs. They have bushy tails.
  • The most catching feature is their black-rimmed eyes.
  • Their nose and lips are also outlined in black.
  • The nose is leather brick-red, and the paw pads are black or dark brown in color.
There are three types of Chinchillas - Silver-shaded, Golden-shaded, and Cameo Persian cat.
  • The Silver-shaded Chinchilla has more variety of tipping in their color coat. The colors range from lilac and blue to chocolate. They have dark-colored rims around their eyes.
  • The Golden-shaded Chinchillas have multiple-colored undercoat, and look gorgeous and beautiful. They have brown rims around their eyes and nose.
  • Another type is the Cameo Persian cat that has some red tipping on the coat. They also have dark rims around their eyes and nose.
How do they behave?
Girl with cat
  • Chinchillas are affectionate and serene felines.
  • They get attached to their owners quite quickly, and hate to be left alone.
  • They enjoy being pampered by their owners, and can get a little demanding.
  • They are lap cats and prefer to spend most of their time inside the house. They are happy to lie around all day.
  • They are easy-going and gentle.
  • They love to be petted and adored, and enjoy spending time with their owners. They get along well with small children, and other cats and dogs as well.
  • They are ideal for apartment or houses and adjust to a new environment quickly.
  • Overall, they are cool-headed and calm, which is what makes them great companions.
Health Issues in Chinchillas
Cat in clinic
  • Chinchillas are more prone to genetic problems as they are purebred cats. It includes kidney problems, heart problems, and bladder infections.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) begins to affect a cat's vision in its early life. It is widespread among Persian cats.
  • Watch out for breathing problems in your cat if it is a flat-faced one. They are also more sensitive to heat.
How to groom them?
Persian cat
  • They require more grooming than any other breeds.
  • They should be brushed daily to avoid knots in their fur coat, especially during winters when they shed their winter coat. Brushing daily is recommended to reduce the shedding to a certain amount.
  • The areas under the arms, tummy, and tail need special attention as the fur that gets rubbed might create knots. Be extra caring and gentle while brushing your feline.
  • If neglected, the coat fur can get tangled and the cat might cause problems while untangling.
How to care for your Chinchilla?
  • They should be kept in cool environments, as they cannot tolerate hot weather.
  • Make sure you remove the loose hair daily because the cat might swallow them, which might create hairballs in their stomach.
  • Their eyes tend to become runny and leave discharge. They should be wiped with a soft cloth to clear the discharge.
  • Clean the ears of your cat to prevent ear infections.
  • Purchase cat toys that help in cleaning their teeth and food particles in their mouth.
  • Do not give drugs that are not prescribed for your cat.
  • Consult a vet immediately if you see any unusual behavior in your cat.
Chinchillas are quiet and do not cause much trouble. These fur balls are cuddly and make really good pets. They make the purrr-fect cats for older people, who can groom them daily. And they also make the purrr-fect candidates for cat shows because of their elegance.

A small tip for the future owners of Chinchilla: Forget that you have black clothes to wear when your kitty is around!