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Watery Eyes in Cats

Watery Eyes in Cats

There is no need to panic if you find your cat having watery eyes, as adequate care at the earliest can cure any problem related to it.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
One of the conditions a cat might suffer from is watery eyes. As the name suggests, it is a liquid discharge from the cat's eyes. This can be a symptom of several issues related with the cat's health, that need immediate attention. Most of the time, the liquid discharge from the eyes of a cat is a clear fluid. Discharge of this fluid is simply an abnormal flow of tears, termed as Epiphora.

Major Causes

Nasolacrimal Occlusion
This refers to a blockage of the tear draining system. This is a condition in which the tear ducts become blocked and thus the normal secretions which lubricate the eyeballs are not able to drain properly. This results in the liquid discharging through the eyes of the cat. This blockage can be a result of scarring from eyelid injuries or an anatomical defect. Some obstructions might occur due to dirt getting lodged in the ducts.

Overproduction of Tears
This conditions results in excessive production of tears. This overproduction can be caused by irritation of the eye or the tear glands being stimulated. Irritation might be brought by hair rubbing or growing in a direction which is close to the eye. Apart from abnormal production of tears, if any kind of discharge from the eyes is accompanied by other symptoms, can be a sign of the following:

In this condition the cat will have red and swollen eyes along with some discharge. Feline herpes virus and chlamydophila are commonly responsible for causing conjunctivitis in cats.

Feline Upper Respiratory Infection
A cat coughing, sneezing, etc as well having a discharge from the eyes points to a respiratory infection. These infections can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Cats can often become carriers of the viruses without showing any symptoms.

The internal structure of the eye may become inflamed in this condition. This disorder is painful and can lead to blindness. The affected eye will tend to water and the cat will squint.

Dry Eye
A cat will have a thick, stringy discharge from the eyes if it is suffering from dry eye. Injury to certain nerves and the tear glands themselves can cause dry eye.

Treatment for Watery Eyes

There are no home remedies that would be advisable, thus treatment would depend on the diagnosis by a vet. If you see signs of any kind of watery discharge from the eyes of your cat for more than 24 hours, taking your pet to the vet is recommended. Early attention and evaluation of the cause could provide quick and proper relief. In case of infections, antibiotics may be prescribed. Some antibiotic ointments or eye drops may be given to deal with various reasons for a fluid discharge. Removal of hair which could be causing irritation might be suggested in some cases.

Frequent check ups are required for cats who suffer from watery eyes since there is a likelihood of recurrence of the cause. Following the instructions of a vet, will ensure your cat stays healthy and continues to be the independent spirit that you've come to love.
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