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Personality Traits of the Face-Meltingly Awesome Birman Cats

Birman Cat Personality
Apart from their adorable looks, a pleasing personality is another factor that makes Birman cats popular as pets. This article provides a brief description about these cats, especially their personality.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Birman cats are believed to be natives to Burma, but they are different from the Burmese cat breeds. According to legends, they are considered the sacred cats of Burma. It is said that Birman cats were kept by the temple priests of Northern Burma, and folklore suggests that these cats have divine power. From Burma, a pair of Birman cats were brought to France. While some believe that a Birman cat couple was gifted to French soldiers by the Burmese monks, others believe that these cats were smuggled to France. This cat breed, which was on the verge of extinction during the World War II, was once again revived during the 1950s.
A Birman cat is large and stocky, with a silky coat and semi-long hair. The medium length hair of Birman cats are not prone to matting, but regular grooming is sufficient. The coat is either golden or egg shell color, and they have certain recognized color points too. These points include the face, ears, feet, and the tail. Birman cat colors are seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point, cream point, red point, blue cream, chocolate, lilac tortie, lilac tabby, red and cream tabby, seal tabby, and blue tabby. The kittens are born snow white, but they develop color points within two weeks. In general, Birman cats have bluish eyes, small ears, Roman nose, and white gloves on their feet.
Birman cats are gentle, loving, sociable, loyal, and devoted. They are found to be immensely attached to their owners and other family members. They are well suited for elderly people, and gel well with kids and other pets. However, don't let them roam free, outside the house; because, their friendly nature may prove dangerous, as these cats can be attacked by other cats and dogs.
Even though, they can be kept as sole pets, if you have to keep the cat alone for long hours; it will be better to get a pair or opt for other pets, like a cat friendly dog. Birman cats are playful and lively, and this nature remains till they get old. They can spend hours playing with simple toys and household articles. They may sometimes seek your attention. Being intelligent in nature, these cats are easy to train as well. Male Birman cats are said to be very talkative in nature, but these cats have very soft and enjoyable voice. In short, Birmans are easy to take care for, and are ideal for those who want loving and gentle pets.
If you need a gentle, loving, and non-fussy cat, then a Birman cat is an ideal option. In general, these cats are found to grow healthy with a lifespan of around 10 to 13 years. So, there are various good reasons for you to choose a Birman cat as a pet. Adopt one and experience the amazing Birman cat personality.
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