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Types of Cats You Should Know About

Kanika Khara Oct 8, 2018
After dogs, cats are often considered the man's best companion. So, if you are planning to keep one, read on and decide which cat breed will suit your requirement the best.
Cats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are usually characterized by their color, pattern of coat, or shape of head, ears, etc. Some cat breeds have long hair and tail, while others have short hair and tail. Some are easy to handle, while others take time to settle. Then there are some cat breeds that don't shed, whereas others shed a lot.
Apart from these distinguishing features, there is one major category under which all cats can be segregated: pedigree and non-pedigree cats. Pedigree or purebred cats are those cats that have a family lineage for the past four generations. On the other hand, non-pedigree cats are mixed or crossbred cats.

Different Types of Cats


A popular pedigree long-haired cat breed, Persian cats can be great pets who can gel well with other children as well as animals in the house. They are active, extremely responsive, sweet, and affectionate cats, who will shower you with a lot of love and companionship.
Persian cats have a broad, round head, with large eyes, short nose, and small ears set wide apart on their head. They come in amazing colors and patterns, and sport a long, silky, shiny coat.


Abyssinian cats are among the most common short-haired cat breeds, with a unique coat. These cats gel with children and other pets very fast, and are often seen participating in different family activities.
Abyssinian cats are intelligent, active, playful, and lovable cats, with a long, strong, and muscular body and thin legs and feet.

Turkish Van

Turkish Van cats are smart, playful, and lovable cats that have a pure-white coat with coloration on their tails and heads. These are semi-long-haired cats, with a thick, strong body; large, round, and slightly tilted eyes; and a long bushy tail.


Birman cats are also semi-long-haired cats, which have pure white toes and a thick heavy ruff at their neck.
Birman cat is a relatively rare cat breed, with a unique color pattern, including colors like seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac to its credit. They are calm, intelligent, and active cats, with a medium-sized stocky body and a broad round head.

American Bobtail

As the name says, these are natural bob-tailed cats with a wedge-shaped head and almond-shaped eyes.
American bobtail cats have a strong muscular body and a coat length varying from medium to long. These are friendly, inquisitive, and playful cats that mix well with children and other pets.

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian maus are the only natural breed of domesticated cats that are found in varying colors like silver, bronze, smoke, black, and blue.
Egyptian maus are intelligent, playful, and compassionate cats that make great pets. Their spotted coat, expressive gooseberry green eyes, and the beautiful cheetah-like stride makes them the most attractive of the lot.


Ragdolls are short-haired cats, often considered the most docile amongst all breeds.
Ragdoll cats are loving, sociable, well-mannered, and calm cats that bond well with their owners. They sport a large, thick coat, especially around the neck, and deep blue oval-shaped eyes.


Siamese cats are short-haired cats that have a triangular head and a robust, compact body.
Siamese cats have blue eyes and an unusual coat pattern, which is light around the neck and dark around the other parts of their body, i.e., ears, tail, face, etc. Siamese cats are playful, sociable, and intelligent cats that serve as great pets.


Sphynx cats are among the most popular non-shedding cat breeds that have little or no hair on their body.
Often referred to as the 'feline alien', Sphynx cats have a small face, large eyes, wrinkled skin, and shiny coat. They are highly energetic and playful cats with friendly disposition towards everybody including strangers.
These were just a few breeds that grace the lengthy list of most popular cat breeds. Hopefully the information provided here proves to be helpful to all those who are planning to keep this adorable animal as a pet.