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Facts About the Abyssinian Cat

Facts About the Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian is a beautiful cat with a very confident and friendly personality. This article provides some information about this unique cat breed.
Claudia Miclaus

The Abyssinian cat is known for being one of the oldest cat breeds, and also one of the most beautiful. The true history of this cat is not known, and is surrounded by a lot of speculation. The fact that does appear to be true is that it originally comes from Egypt. The paintings and sculptures found there greatly resemble this cat. However, there is again no proof that this is indeed the Abyssinian and not some other cat.

Some believe that it comes from Ethiopia, while some say that it originates from the Indian Ocean coast of Egypt. However, there is no proof for any of this. One thing that people are certain about is the fact that back in the 1930s, the very first cat of this breed was taken to Scandinavia.


The Abyssinian cat that is present today looks different than the first ones that were imported to England. There was some breeding done on them in the USA, which resulted in the current breed looking completely different from the original one.

This cat that has a colorful, ticked coat that it thick, but also soft and fine. It has a long body with well-developed muscles. Females weigh around 8 pounds and males around 10 pounds. Coat colors are red, blue, fawn, and silver. Tortoiseshell, chocolate, cream, and lilac are some rare colors. It is medium-sized and has an aristocratic appearance. The eyes can be gold or green. It does not have a loud voice.


This cat is outgoing, playful, intelligent, and loving. It enjoys being in the presence of people. Due to its outgoing nature, it is a favorite as a show cat. However, there are some who are reserved and timid in public. It loves to play, and can pass hours playing with a favorite toy. It will let you know that it wants your attention by plopping down in your lap or by doing something else. You will find it on top of places like refrigerators, bookshelves, or cupboards, as it likes heights.

It is an active cat that likes to get around. It gets along well with other pets as well as with children. It is not a lap cat and has boundless energy to play around all day. It is a good pet for imparting obedience training.


As this breed is prone to gingivitis, its teeth need to be brushed regularly. It is also prone to a kidney disorder known as familial renal amyloidosis. It is otherwise not known to suffer from any serious health issues.

The coat requires minimal maintenance, and rare brushing or bathing.

When looking for a kitten, look for a good breeder or at least somebody that raises their cats right and cares for them. Also, with a good socialization and a lot of handling from the time of birth, the result is a well-balanced cat that is not afraid to be held and petted, or to be accepted into a family. There are breeders out there that do not care for their cats and want nothing but money. This immoral breeding needs to be discouraged.