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Taking Care of Newborn Kittens

Kashmira Lad Nov 01, 2018
Taking care of newborn kittens can be quite a task in the absence of their mother. Here are some tips with regards to the same.
Newborn kittens need an ample amount of love and care. Unfortunately, not all kittens are lucky enough to have a mother to pamper them right from their time of birth. Many times, kittens are abandoned and dumped in inhuman places like garbage dumps.
Such acts are a crime and a form of animal cruelty as the kittens are so small that their eyes are still closed and their delicate bodies are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Taking care of such kittens requires a lot of patience, care and immense love that should emanate deep within the heart. A newborn kitten is as innocent and delicate as a child.

How to Take Care of Newborn Kittens

Nutrition is of utmost importance. Without a mother to look after them, these kittens are utterly helpless. Ensure that you keep your supplies ready. Sterilize the feeding bottles.
While feeding milk through the feeding bottle, always keep a cloth and a bowl of water handy. These newborns are quite a messy lot. Also wrap a towel around your hands as they tend to claw you all throughout the feeding process.
Newborn kittens require to be fed every two hours. Check with your local veterinary hospital to know about the accurate measurement of ingredients and nutritional supplements to be given to them.
They also need plenty of warmth. In general cases, the mother cat is always present to give them all the body warmth they require.
In case of orphaned kittens, ensure that you provide them with warm towels and clothes to snuggle into. In case of cold areas, a heating pad would serve as an ideal option to keep them warm through the night.
Hygiene is also of utmost importance. Always change the bedding at regular intervals and wipe the felines down with a gentle and moist warm cloth. The face and the bottom area should be wiped clean. The kitten will slowly learn to deal with things on its own as it grows up.
Hold the kitten like a newborn baby. You must remember to keep your hold strong and make the kitten feel secure while doing so. Do not allow it to peer towards the ground. Tiny kittens often tend to feel scared when they are raised at a great height.
Often, newborn kittens tend to cry, or rather squeak instead of meow throughout the day. You need to keep a check on them to know how they are getting along. They may cry because they are hungry or even when they are lonely.
These tips should help you to keep these tiny creatures healthy and happy. Always take the advice of a vet for their diet plan. With time, these tiny newborns grow up to turn into beautiful and furry cats. And in them, you will find a loving companion.