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Small Cats That'll Put a Smile on Your Face

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Sep 30, 2018
So have you decided to look for small cats as pets and are looking out for which one will be the best for your home? The following article will cover some information related to smallest breeds of domestic and exotic cats that will prove to be a useful and informative read.
I am sure there are many people with a desire to own a feline pet, but wonder if there are any small breeds. The reasons one may want to own small domestic cats as pets may include a small living area. Some people may also want them as pets as they do not require much exercise and activity like a dog. .
They tend to remain more of a lap cat that you can cuddle and hold in your arms easily. Maybe some believe they may shed less. Whatever may be the reason, there are a variety of breeds that you can choose from


The Singapura are known as the smallest cat breed in the world. They have originated on the Singaporean streets and are known for their short, ticked sepia coats that have a really silky touch. Their eyes are usually green or amber in color and perfect for those who want their cats to remain as kittens for a long time.
The coat color of the Singapura is brown or beige and is referred to as sepia agouti or brown ticked agouti. Although they have a really delicate appearance, they are muscular and heavy.

Rusty Spotted Cat

Another very small cat is the Rusty spotted cat. It is only 14 to 17 inches in body length, and add about 6 to 10 inches for its head and tail. Their average weight is 1.5 kg, and it is not surprising to find one that weighs just 1 kg.


It is a cat that needs a lot of attention.
It is a very active and vocal cat. It is graceful in its motion and is named after the Balinese dancers.


The Munchkin is a small to medium-sized cat that is about 2 to 4 kg in weight when fully grown. It has short legs due to a natural mutation. It is a really playful and active cat, who loves to run.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a great pet for homes with a small living space. It weighs just 3 to 4 kg when fully grown. They have short, curly hair, big eyes, and really big ears.


Lambkin Dwarf or Nanus Rex is a hybrid of the Munchkin dwarf cat and the Selkirk Rex cat. They are a really rare breed.


The Skookum is a hybrid of Munchkin and LaPerm. This hybrid was developed in the 1990s and they have very short legs and curly hair. The Skookum is athletic and you will often find these cats jumping and climbing. These playful felines are really affectionate pets.


The Minskin is a new breed that has hair on its face, ears, nose, legs, and tail and the body has a very sparse cover of hair. This cat is really playful, loyal, intelligent, and affectionate.

Miniature Cats

Miniature cats are very small breeds that are really rare. These types are actually normal cats that have been downsized by selective breeding. The teacup cats are even smaller than the miniature breeds. One of the examples of a miniature cat is the Singapura, that makes it the smallest breed.

Exotic Varieties

By exotic small cats, one means the wild cats that you would find in a jungle. There are about 37 species that not many are aware of. Here is a list of some exotic cats :

Geoffroy's cat





Marbled cat



The Abyssinian cat, the American curl, the Colorpoint, the Cornish Rex, the Russian Blue cats, the Javanese, etc., are some more of the small domestic cat breeds. I hope this article has helped introduce you to some of the breeds that you can think about sharing your home with.