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Here's What No One Knows About the Savannah Cat Breed

Savannah Cat Breed
The Savannah cat breed was a genetically developed crossbreed, between a 'Serval' and a Siamese cat. For more information on this breed, continue reading the following article.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
The Savannah cat breed is a beautiful blend of a wild cat and a domestic cat. Sporting a wild look with its fur and its appearance, and a somber personality like that of a domestic cat, this breed is a rather unique and wonderful pet to have.
Its Origins
The Savannah breed was brought about by cross breeding a Serval cat, which hails from the grasslands of Africa, and a Siamese cat. The first Savannah cat was bred by Judee Frank who was a Bengal breeder and was born on the 7th of April 1986. After continued efforts by Patrick Kelly, cat breeders began to breed this particular breed, and in 1996, The International Cat Association (TICA) accepted the breed for registration.
Physical Characteristics
This breed has a striped and spotted coat which ranges in colors from amber to silver. It has round, erect ears, very long legs, and a long and sleek neck. The area around its eyes is marked by black designs that look like tear drops and gives it a very unique appearance. Their bodies are long and leggy and in a standing position, the Savannah cat's hind legs stand taller than their shoulders. Their tails have black rings with a solid black tip.
When fully grown, the cat measures up to 30 inches in total length (nose to tip of tail) and weighs up to 18 - 30 pounds. The Savannah cat is a majestic looking feline breed. It looks rather huge when compared to other domesticated pets.
Behavior Patterns
This breed is a very loving and friendly cat to have as a pet. If the cat is brought up in the company of humans and other animals, it turns into a very social animal. But if not, there is a possibility that they'll shy away from humans and other animals, until domesticated. In such a scenario, their behavior is characterized by hiding or even hissing at others. A domesticated Savannah will use a head butting action to greet her owners. It fluffs out the tip of its tail in a greeting and is known to flick and wag its tail in excitement.
The owners report that it is a very loyal cat and is reminiscent of a dog in that manner. It can even be trained to 'fetch' and one can even take it out on the leash.
The Savannah cat breed is characterized by several behavioral patterns. It is known to be a very high jumper. When in a standing position, it can jump up to a height of 8 feet. And Savannah owners have reported of the cats jumping onto high cabinets and cupboards.
It is also a very curious and intelligent cat and often learns how to open cupboards and cabinets. It is also rather fond of water, unlike other domestic cats. There have been occasions when a Savannah will immerse itself in water.
This cat breed has a dual sound that it emits. Sometimes it emits a chirp like that of its Serval father or a purr like its domestic mother, or sometimes both. When angry or scared, the Savannah cat will hiss, which sounds more like a snake's hiss. It can be a very scary ordeal if one is not aware of this trait that the breed exhibits. The Savannah cat is one of the very easy breed of cats to care for. It does not require any special kind of food or conditions, and is easily trained. It just requires attention and love.
The Savannah cat breed is a rather unique cat breed, as you can see. It is also a very exotic pet to own. So the next time you want to go in for a cat as a pet, why not get home a Savannah? It'll be a great experience, that's for sure.