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Facts About the Lovable And Cute Munchkin Cats

Facts about Munchkin Cats
Munchkin cats are as lovable as any other cats and prove to be delightful pets. This article provides some details about this cat breed.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Any cat lover would tell you about the joys of having a purring cat in your lap after a hard day's work. Cats are amongst the most loving pets one could ever have, contrary to what people think about their nature. Amongst the many breeds of cats seen, Munchkin cats are new to the category, but are shrouded in controversy due to various reasons. Given below is an in-depth look at various facts and the controversy about this breed.
Description and Behavior
These cats are said to have originated from the domesticated cat. This breed is known for their playful nature. These cats are quite frisky, and love to run around and chase moving objects. They are lovable like any other cat and also social in nature. Sometimes, they also show the playfulness displayed by dogs. They stand on their rear legs and look around. They are friendly, and are therefore a bundle of joy to have around the house. They are easily distinguishable due to their short legs.
These cats were first spotted in 1983. Reports mention a girl named Sandra Hochenedel who came across a short-legged cat found living under a trailer. The cat, later named Blackberry, along with her kittens, had short legs. Apart from this incident, there were many other stories reported about such short-legged cats.
The controversy around these cats is largely because they are considered to be 'malformed animals'. Experts opine that they can have health problems if they are bred deliberately, whereas breeders stick to their beliefs about these being a very normal breed. There are many problems associated with their acceptance. Certain cat registries do not accept these animals as a breed. It is also noted that these cats can be safely crossbred with other cat breeds.
Grooming, and Relationship with Humans
These cats being pleasant and playful in nature, love to spend time with humans. If you have one as a pet, you would need to ensure you give it plenty of attention. They are also known to jump high when in a very playful mood. Brush your cat once a week in case it has short hair. On the other hand, for longhaired cats, one would need to brush them twice a week to detangle the hair. These friendly and intelligent felines also love to be pampered, and they love to play fetch. They will keep you very active by playing constantly.
Always remember to shower loads of love on your pet. This is the only thing that they need from their owners.