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Leash Training Cats

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Sep 30, 2018
Leash training a cat requires a lot of time and patience along with the right technique. So, while leash training, make sure you calm down your cat and use the correct harness.
If they are trained properly, cats make wonderful pets. Cats―like other pets―learn with experience.
You should not expect a lot from your cat the moment you bring it home. Rather, be patient and groom it properly. Only then will it get used to good habits and behave well.
So, you have a beautiful, white skookum kitty, with whom you would like to spend your quality time. One option is to go for a walk along with your cat, or take an outdoor trip. This way both you and your pet will get good exercise as well.
However, for that, you will have to leash train it. Don't punish your cat if it takes time, as that will only make it violent and it will stop obeying your commands.

How to Leash Train a Cat?

While a cat can be leash trained at any age, the perfect period is when it is 6 - 7 months old. You need to make sure that the technique you follow is safe and effective. Also, remember that your cat loves to be pampered and rewarded.

Select the Right Leash

Firstly, you should select a harness and long training leash (with a handle loop), or a correct walking jacket. Some cat owners prefer using collars with a leash, instead of the regular harness and leash.
You can select the right equipment as per your pet's age and temperament. If your cat's behavior is rude, you can make use of walking jackets, which is a more comfortable and secure option.

Introduce the Harness and Leash

It is very important to make your pet well-acquainted with the harness and leash. Place the harness and leash in its bed, and allow it to play with them for some time. You can also follow the cat while letting it roam freely with the harness on. In this way, you can introduce the leash beforehand, so that your pet gets familiar with it and its smell.

Calm Down Your Cat

Every cat behaves unusually at the first sight of a leash or walking jacket. Hence, ensure that you calm down your pet and make it comfortable before you begin its leash training.
The best time to begin the training is right before your cat's meal time when it is most receptive. Praise your cat and give it caring hugs whenever it allows you to put the harness and leash on. With such affection, you can enjoy walking together with your pet.

Walking With Your Cat

As mentioned earlier, cats become accustomed to good habits by experience. So, you need to take some time out every day for taking your pet cat for a walk (by putting his leash on).
While walking, never pull it, even if it tries to wander here and there. A better way is to stop and wait for a few minutes, and then give it a light tug. If you are patient with your cat, I am sure it will obediently come along with you.

Supervising a Leashed Cat

You need to supervise your pet cat when it is harnessed. There are chances that your pet might get furious with other pets and/or roaming animals. In such a case, it may get entangled in the harness while chasing them.
Hence, do not leave it alone for a prolonged duration, if it is wearing a harness and leash. Ensure that you remove the leash before going out.
Rather than the technique, what is more important is the way you handle your cat. Always try to make your cat happy by rewarding it with toys and treats. A bored cat is more likely to be non-cooperative and mischievous.