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Kitten Sneezing a Lot

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Apr 17, 2019
There are plenty of reasons that may cause sneezing and coughing in kittens, some of which may be due to a serious infection. Let us understand the various causes of sneezing in kittens.
A kitten sneezing continuously can be a sign of an upper respiratory infection. It may also be due to a foreign body stuck in the nasal passages of the kitten. There are plenty of reasons that may lead to sneezing in kittens. Let us see some of the reasons for this health problem.


Just like humans, a kitten may also develop allergies that cause it to sneeze. You need to find out the potential causes of the allergies and remove them from the environment to help stop the sneezing.
The reasons for a kitten sneezing due to an allergic reaction may include the following.
  • Dust allergy
  • Pollen allergy
  • Mold allergy
  • Chemical allergy
  • Kitty litter dust allergy
  • Carpet cleaner allergy
  • Cigarette smoke allergy
  • Candle smell allergy
  • Aerosols

Foreign Allergen in Respiratory Tract

Many times, a kitten may swallow a small object while playing, which may get stuck in its respiratory tract. This is a very rare possibility. However, you must take the kitten to a vet to remove this stuck foreign object.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

An upper respiratory tract infection or URTI may be one of the main reasons for sneezing. The kitten may be infected with viruses, bacteria, and fungi that cause it to sneeze.
A kitten with URTI may show other symptoms like a fever, wet nose, coughing, watery eyes, swollen glands and eyes, breathing difficulty, and mucus. You may observe some or most of these symptoms in kittens affected by an upper respiratory tract infection.

Dental Problems

Dental problems are another rare cause of sneezing. A tooth decay with signs like bad breath, swollen gums, or pus around the mouth, may cause the kitten to cough a lot. The dental infection may enter the nasal region and lead to continuous sneezing in the kitten.

Feline Asthma

Feline asthma is another chronic condition that may be a cause of a kitten sneezing and coughing. You need to reduce the level of allergens like cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, and chemical aerosols inside the house.
You should keep strong perfumes, scented litter, and hair sprays away from the kitty. You can hold your kitten inside a steam-filled bathroom for several minutes to open up the bronchial passageways, or you can even hold it over a vaporizer.


Cats are less prone to heartworm infections but they get infected in areas with high mosquito infestations. The parasite is transferred through mosquito bites into the cat. It affects the right side of the heart and arteries and causes arterial blockage, difficulty in breathing, coughing, and heart attack.
You need to maintain a strong immune system of your kitten by giving it a proper diet. You should make sure that you use natural insect repellents like citronella and water. Speak to a vet for prevention of heartworm.

Kitten Sneezing Blood

A severe nasal infection may lead to a kitten sneezing blood. If you observe blood when the kitten sneezes, take it to the vet immediately. It may mean that the nasal passage has been damaged or irritated due to sneezing. Or it may be due to a foreign body stuck in the nasal passage, a fungal infection, or a sign of nasal cancer or even feline leukemia.
If you are facing a problem of your kitten sneezing and coughing a lot, find out the possible causes and get rid of the same. Take your kitten to the vet for regular check ups and vaccinations required according to the stages of the kitten's development. Proper care and lots of love and affection will help a kitten to grow into a healthy and happy cat.