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How to Keep Cats Away from Furniture

How to Keep Cats Away from Furniture

Cat and furniture, both of them secure a place inside the house and it is extremely difficult to keep the cat away from the furniture, especially the sofa and an armchair. You might be feeling helpless looking at your kitty joyously jumping on the sofa and scratching it. This article helps you find a solution out of this problem.
Snehal Motkar
Furniture is a thing for which you make a great deal of investment and also buy it according to your home decor which takes a lot of time and energy. And you certainly cannot let your pet cat destroy it. If you really care for your furniture, the following techniques could help you keep your kitty away from your furniture.

Techniques to Keep a Cat off the Furniture

Remember, if you want to keep cats off the furniture you need to scare them so that it does not turn towards the furniture again. We all know that cats are afraid of sounds and also of sudden attacks. These will be the key factors for you to keep them away from your furniture. Let us watch out for the techniques based on these factors in the following part of the article.

Water Spray
You always have to keep an eye on your cat, if it is damaging the furniture. When you are in the house you can use the spray bottle technique. Take a clean spray bottle or a water gun and fill it with clean water (contaminated water can be harmful to the cat and cause damage to the furniture as well). Be ready with the bottle/gun and keep watching the cat. When the cat climbs the sofa spray water on it. The cat will get scared and run down immediately.

*Please note that too much spray can damage the furniture and harm the cat.

The above technique is best when you are present in the house, but it is not possible to stay at home all the time. This technique will tell you a solution when you are away and still want to protect your sofa from cats. You will need balloons for this task. Blow the balloons and tie them on the arms, seat and back of the sofa as these are the places your cat constantly jumps on. The balloon will pop if the cat tries to scratch it. The cat will get scared of the sound and run away.

Aluminum Pans
Another effective technique involves the use of aluminum pans. This is a suitable method only when you have a hard wooden flooring. If you have marble flooring do not adopt this method because it will destroy the tiles. Arrange the aluminum pans on the seat in a line. When the cat jumps on the sofa, it will drop the pan on the ground making a huge noise. This noise will scare the cat and it will go away.

General Tips

You can make use of fruits that have citrus content in it because cats hate the smell of citrus scent.
  • Lemons, orange peel can be placed on the seat of the sofa to get rid of the cats entry to it.
  • Cayenne pepper, mustard and vinegar are most hated things by the cat. You can spread a cloth on the sofa and sprinkle any one of the above items.
  • Another option is use of aluminum foil. Spread it on the seat and allow the cat to settle on it. The foil will make an annoying sound which irritates the cat. As long as the cat remains on the foil the noise will continue and the cat will have to leave the place to get rid of the noise.
  • Cat declawing is also a beneficial technique to prevent your furniture from getting scratched.
Apart from these basic methods and tips, you can also train your cat and can provide it with other scratching surfaces which will divert its attention from the furniture. Do not ever hit or yell at your cat as it will only develop fear and the cat will keep itself away from you.