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How Can Our Modern Life Affect the Natural Needs of Cats

John Milton Jul 30, 2019
Our modern lifestyle usually affects the needs of our pets, especially cats. Discover 5 basic needs of cats, that can get disturbed by the daily routine and living habits of humans, which may be frustrating for the cats!


Most of us live in close apartments. The space in the apartments might be small, with limited access or no access to a garden. This is, however, exactly the opposite of what cats prefer! Cats love open spaces and that too, gardens.


Cats prefer to stay alone, by themselves and be their own bosses. However, a domestic cat cannot decide on its own as to where and when it can find food. It gets even tougher for them especially if they have to live with another feline companion.


Cats are animals that like to have a routine and dislike getting surprised. On the contrary, our modern lifestyle resonates with a wide variety of surprises, loud noises, with an irregular routine in life.

Escape Routes

Cats don't appreciate the feeling of being trapped. Facing a closed door, a closed window or even another pet or child in their way appears a challenge to them.


Cats like stability, especially in their home. Oppositely, many of us enjoy traveling and discovering new places!