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Awesome Information About the Very Adorable Himalayan Cats

Himalayan Cats
Beautiful, gorgeous, cuddly, and cute! Himalayan cats are gentle, loving creatures to have around the house. This article describes some characteristics, behavior patterns, and care tips for these unique felines.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
The Himalayan cat is an extremely adorable breed. It came into being when the Persian cats and the Siamese cats were interbred around the 1980s. They are also known as the color point Persian cats. This is why they have characteristics of both the breeds. The body is similar to the Persian cats, which is a medium to a large size with a very cute face. They have similar ear colorings as the Siamese cat.
Description and Characteristics
Himalayan cats have a massive head with a short neck. Their short stubby legs and the large round, really lovable eyes are quite similar to that of a Persian cat. They generally have a white or a cream body. Their color markings, that is their points are seen in different colors such as brown, lilac, red, chocolate, etc. Such point coloration can be seen in areas such as the feet, tails, face, ears, etc. They may sometimes have a tabby or tortoiseshell pattern in such areas as well. The eyes are always in light or darker tones of blue. The face is flattened, as is the case with Persian cats.
These felines are known to be sweet-tempered creatures. They certainly make very loving companions. They also tend to be quite active and can survive better in an indoor life. You need to make an extra effort to create hidey-holes and play areas for your feline.
The Himmy cat (as it is referred to colloquially) has long and fluffy fur that makes it lissome to touch. It needs special care due its long hair. If you spend loads of time grooming yourself, you will need to mark some time in your schedule as well, for the cat. You can use a soft brush to detangle any knots that may have formed in their fur. With Himalayan cats, you need to be careful about hairballs being formed in the stomach. Consult a vet immediately for a mild laxative if the problem arises. These cats are also susceptible to health problems such as joint problems and abnormalities of the organs due to the inbreeding activities involved for commercial use.
Brush your feline's fur daily. This would keep it looking good at all times. Regular bathing may be required as well. Kittens may require their face to be wiped occasionally to keep it clean. Use a soft cloth in such cases. Since their long fur may become a hindrance in the sweltering summer heat, specific haircuts have to be done so that they do not have an uncomfortable time. In such cases, consult a professional for the same.
Himalayan cats may also tend to have watery eyes. Therefore, before you plan to adopt one, you must be aware of all its health related issues so that you can offer it a comfortable life. Whichever breed of cat you may choose to have at home, remember this is a commitment and it would be your duty to look after the cat in the best way possible. They need all the love and care you can shower!
Blue eye macro details
Himalayan Cat
White cat with pointed features with striking blue eyes