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Purr-fect Facts About Exotic Cats

Gaynor Borade Sep 30, 2018
Pet owners across the globe keep identifying animal breeds to meet their specific requirements. The number of exclusive and specially bred pet varieties have increased manifold during the last few decades, and one of the amazing turnouts is the exotic cat variety.
Feline breeders have successfully crossed the Shorthair with the Persian, to come up with the exotic variety. The subsequent breeding programs also indulged in the successful crossing with the Russian Blues and the Burmese felines.
Speaking of exotic cats in a narrowed perspective, the domestic pet thus obtained is most referred to. It has the body of the Persian, but covered by a dense, short coat. This variety is the answer to the requirement of cat lovers across the globe, who find the personality of the Persian very appealing, but minus the long hair.
In fact, because of the enthusiast's requirement for a feline like the Persian without the hassle of grooming and brushing the long hair, the exotic cat is also referred to as the 'Lazy Man's Persian'!
Its body is very rounded and powerfully built. The feline has a short and thick neck and large eyes. Its nose is a short snub that adds to the cute facial expression and the look is furthered with the small ears that give it a very neotenic appearance. The felines head is round, and it has a broad skull.
The exotic cat's muzzle is short and broad and round and the pet has powerful jaws. Its ears are small and rounded at the tip. The ears have a lot of hair on the inside; probably the most dominant genetic feature imbibed from the Persian.
The deep color of the animal's eyes correspond to the color of the coat. The body is cobby and low, supported by a broad chest and massive shoulders.
This cat can weigh between 3 and 6 kilograms. The tufts of hair between the toes are a very desirable feature in these cats. The tail of the feline is short and thick, with a rounded tip. The coat is dense and fluffy.
The exotic cat is a household favorite because of the gentle and calm personality it exhibits. This trait is largely attributed to the Persian. The feline is livelier though, than the long-haired ancestor. It is naturally curious and playful and friendly with other felines and canines. Pet owners swear that this cat rarely meows!
They need constant reassurance of the presence of the owners and do not like being left alone. If at all the situation is unavoidable, then at least make the voices or smells reminiscent. Though loyalty is readily attributed to canines, the exotic enjoys being put in the same category. They display more affection and loyalty than most breeds.
Exotic cats are ideal apartment pets and excellent lap cats. Their calm and steady nature makes them a great pet option for city dwellers. Even as the physical appearance is so like the Persian, the felines also display the energetic spark of the American Shorthair forbears.
The cat is very able to groom itself and maintain its fur, with little or no human assistance. However, a weekly brushing helps to remove loose hair and reduce shedding. The owner has to keep wiping the exotic's face regularly due to the marks left by the 'tears' or the overflowing of the nasolacrimal duct.
These dampen and stain the face, but can be wiped clean with a moist cloth. There are certain commercial preparations also available expressly for the purpose. This animal reaches maturity at approximately two years of age, but enters puberty later.
Understanding exotic felines is exciting and confusing, because there are several different breeds, with several levels within each. Each generation has distinct features and behavioral traits. The size of the mature cat differs from breeder to breeder, and largely depends on the focus of the specific program.
In the broader sense, the exotic cat category extends to include the cross between the Asian Leopard cat and domestic feline, too. These Bengals are less social. While some flaunt faint spotting patterns and ticked coats, others have rich and vibrant coats.
The Safari is a cross between the Geoffroy's Cat and a domestic. They have gold with black, silver with black or black with black markings. They are very affectionate and suckle into adulthood. The Savannah is a cross between an African Serval and a domestic.