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Consider These Furniture Design Options to Dog-proof a Litter Box

Dog Proof Litter Box Furniture Design Options
Planning to get in a dog proof litter box furniture unit? Well, before you grab a piece, here are some design options to consider which ensure that dogs in your house stay away from your cat's litter box.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2017
Dog proof litter boxes are basically designed to keep dogs out of a cat litter box. While you have dog and cat, both as pets in your house, this can become a major problem. Dogs often tend to enter the cat's litter box messing up themselves and the surroundings as well. To ensure that your dog does not enter the litter box, all you need to do is opt for a dog proof litter box furniture for your cat. Well, here are some options to consider that is dog proof.
Options Available
The most basic design that you must consider is the one having entrance from the top. You can also look for a similar piece which has a lid on the top side and same works as the entrance, hence keeping the opening close when not in use. A dog will hardly climb over and enter into it. The task is easier for your cat and hence, makes a good litter box option. You can buy such a top entrance with wooden case which imparts a nice look to the piece. You can also order such a piece with a hinged lift up door on the top which completely hides it when it is not in use.
A hidden dog proof furniture is the best pick. You can have a wooden cabinet placed on the floor. This wooden cabinet must have one or two doors and no shelves inside. So basically it's a wooden box with single or double door. Now get a nice litter box and place it inside this wooden box and close the door. You can use this box to place show pieces like large pots or items like music system, etc. Another idea is to have the same design with opening kept at one side instead of keeping it in front. You can simply have a square or round hole cut on one side of this box at a height, few inches above the floor level. This will keep the entrance hidden and the same being slightly higher and smaller, dogs will stay out of it.
Another design is the one which is cylindrical in shape and has a small entrance. This is especially useful if you have a larger dog as the same can't get inside the box due to its small opening which is enough for your cat to move in and out. You can find attractive designs which have a glass or half round glass cap which can be opened and closed as required.
Litter box furniture units look quite attractive. With the wooden case that has attractive framing and door knobs, one can hardly make out that the piece consists of a litter box. The attractive design also allows you to place the piece anywhere in your house. You can find a number of designs and varieties in local stores and online shopping websites. These litter boxes are becoming quite popular and the same are available in a variety of sizes and designs. You can buy these separately and place inside a cabinet. Learning to clean it is essential to keep your interiors breathable. Browse through the various designs available and choose the right-sized piece that is suitable for your cat. You can consider ordering a wooden furniture unit that hides the litter box according to your requirements. With the right piece, you will no longer have the problem of your dog enter your cat's private space.