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Characteristics of Chartreux Cats You Weren't Aware Of

Chartreux Cats
There is no doubt about the fact that Chartreux are unique and intelligent cats. So, the question we intend to answer here, is whether they make good pets or not.
Madhumita Shivade
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017
Chartreux are large, muscular cats having fine-boned limbs. They are quite attractive, with big paws and excellent reflexes. Their fur coat has a bluish tinge. They have sharp, expressive eyes, which are copper or gold in color, and erect ears. Because of their long, tapered muzzle, they always seem to appear as if they are smiling and thus, are also known as 'smiling cats'.
The Chartreux Cat
It is believed that this breed developed at Le Grand Chatreux―a monastery located in the French Alps. The monks there used to breed these cats in their free time. Legend has it, that these cats were bred to have quite voices just so that the monks could concentrate on their meditation! Maybe that is why they do not 'meow' much.
There are a few important things that you need to consider if you are planning to adopt a Chartreux cat. You should be willing and committed in taking care of the cat. Consult your family members and see if they are ready to accept the responsibility. If you have other pets in the house, find out if the cat would bond well with them. Though Chartreux requires little maintenance, you should understand your cat's needs and provide it adequate care.
As a responsible owner, you need to provide your pet good cat food. Cats are playful, so you can get some inexpensive toys for your pet to play with. Similarly, you can get scratching posts to fulfill its need to scratch. This way you can avoid damage to your furniture and carpet. Also you need to take your cat to the vet for periodical checkups.
Chartreux Characteristics
  • These cats are quiet and intelligent. Similarly, they are great travelers and make good companions.
  • They do not meow incessantly, but are known for their sweet and cute chirrups.
  • These cats are experts at purring.
  • Their coats are water-resistant. Unlike other cats, they accept children and others pets in the house, without any fuss, and are very adaptable.
  • They love jowl scratching and are very affectionate. Though they are not very demanding, sometimes you might notice that your cat is pulling your leg, which indicates that it wants to sit on your lap.
  • These cats are very much attached to their homes and owners.
  • They are natural hunters and thus, interested in chasing and killing, so you might observe that they are more into hunting than playing.
  • These cats are quite active and playful. Many times, they show affection by bumping their heads against the masters feet or some other objects.
  • If any family member is sick, they comfort them.
  • These cats always follow their owners from room to room. If they are trained, they can fetch things as well.
  • Chartreux cats are very sensitive to scolding and praise.
  • One should be patient as they are slow learners. This sturdy French breed is quite lazy, till they see their prey.
  • While giving your Chartreux a bath, you need to be patient, because its thick fur takes time to get wet and the water takes time to reach the skin.
  • These cats do not require much fur coat maintenance, but when the cat shreds its hair, brush them away, so that you can keep your cushions, furniture, and clothes 'hair-free'!
Chartreux make excellent pets and bond well with everyone in the house. If you want to adopt an affectionate, friendly, and intelligent cat, then Chartreux is the best choice for you.
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