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How To Groom A Cat

Kashmira Lad Sep 30, 2018
Cats love to be pampered and how. Check out the grooming tips mentioned in this write-up, to have a healthy and beautifully groomed kitty in your house.
Cat lovers all over are aware of the finicky habits of their furry pets. Cats do spend a lot of time grooming themselves, and sometimes, if they are in a good mood, you might get a fond lick as well.
Well, if your kitty does spend a lot of time grooming itself, it does not mean that it is completely clean. Grooming is a very important factor, although we know how it reacts if a drop of water happens to fall on its furry body.

Furry Tales

One of the features that adds to their beauty is their gorgeous fur. Somehow, I very rarely see my cat stick out its little pink tongue to clean itself. Have you noticed how some cats are incredibly clean and soft to touch?
Well, a clean cat feels good and looks good as well.
Some have really thick fur, like the Persian cats whose fur is also long in length. Regular brushing of the fur can help to stimulate the skin, and also help the natural oils to be distributed evenly. Note one important thing; always comb in the direction of the fur.
Your grooming program needs to be planned and should be implemented on a daily basis. Always maintain regular combing sessions for your cat, which would help to remove any tangles or knots in the fur. Sometimes, you may also need to detangle the hair with your fingers.

Bathing Beauties

A bath is necessary, because it helps to get rid of the dirt and grime your cat may have collected on its regular trips around the neighborhood.
It is also better to introduce the concept of bathing when it is still young, as a fully matured cat may not really have the same views as you do, about bathing. Use warm water; choose a good location which has a flat surface, and avoid the use of sprayers.
While bathing your cat, go slowly and do not wet it completely. Rinse with just enough water and be gentle. A look in your local pet store will give you options for specific shampoos and products designed for this purpose. Now isn't that really cool! A sponge bath can work well for fussy kitties.

Trimmed to perfection?

Trimming the nails can be done with the help of specific tools such as cat nail scissors or even trimmers. Trimming should be done because it is pertinent to your cat's health as well. If you are not really confident about doing the same, let your vet take over.

Quite an Earful!

Pay attention to your cat's ears. After your kitty finishes its bath session, clean its ears. Use clean cotton balls and fold the ear back. Do this really gently, especially when you wipe it. When there is too much grime accumulated, you may have to consult your vet.

Expressive Eyes

Have you noticed most cats have really beautiful eyes; big eyes, small eyes, round eyes or sleepy eyes! They know how to look cute and can melt your heart by just batting an eyelid.
To clean their eyes, you would need a clean washcloth. Dip this in warm water. Grip your cat's head firmly and wipe the soft cloth gently across the lower eyelid. Always use a clean area of the cloth when you wipe it back again.
Consult your vet for further additions, and only do what you feel confident about while grooming your pet. After all, you wouldn't want to get into your pet's bad books, would you?