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Home Remedies for Cat Fleas

Sheetal Mandora Jan 22, 2019
Instead of using harsh medication or chemicals to get rid of cat fleas, try your hand at some home remedies instead. Here are a few suggestions that might just do the trick.
What are fleas and how do cats (and other domestic pets) get them? Fleas are small creatures with no wings. When they bite animals, it makes them scratch and bite themselves. With only one bite, it can make any animal extremely uncomfortable.
Since the information given is about cat fleas, finding the right remedy is possible. However, before you adopt any of the following remedies, do consult with the veterinarian.

Remedies to Try for Cat Fleas

A Bath is Necessary

The first time you notice the symptoms, take your cat for a bath. Wash him/her with a mild lemon-scented dish soap or shampoo specially made for cat fleas. Rinse and repeat the shampoo process. In this case, the remedy works only when you thoroughly wash your cat to be absolutely sure.

Using the Flea Comb

After giving your cat a nice, thorough bath, use the flea comb to get rid of any fleas and eggs that might have left behind. At least twice a day, comb hair with the flea comb and every time he/she comes inside the house. What this practice does is prevent any further flea infestation.

Washing the Bedding

Besides giving your cat a bath, wash the bedding as well. Fill the washing machine with hot water and add a cup of vinegar in it. This will kill the fleas from the bedding. Technically, you should be washing the bedding on a regular basis.

Vacuum the House

Another helpful remedy is vacuuming your entire house. Take the vacuum bag and add a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth (it's a light soil which consists of siliceous diatom remains) in it. You find diatomaceous earth at any garden store. When you vacuum up fleas, it will suffocate them. You can also sprinkle some diatomaceous earth outside your home.

Applying a Lemon-based Spray

Take a pot of boiling water and place half a lemon in it. Cover the pot, let the water get cool, and let the lemon steep. Once the water cools, pour inside a spray bottle. Catch your cat and mist it with the spray everyday. Fleas hate the citrus scent of the lemon, and won't bother your cat anymore.

Applying a Vinegar-based Spray

In a pot, mix half part water and half part vinegar. Similar to the lemon spray, pour the vinegar spray in a bottle. Before your cat goes outdoors, spray with the mist every time. The citrus lemon scent and the acidic vinegar will help repel fleas.
It doesn't matter which remedy you choose, the results will definitely show. You will save a trip to the veterinarian and also won't have to subject your cat to hazardous medication. These remedies will only work along with proper grooming steps. This is the only way you can ensure your cat stays free of fleas.