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Cat Dandruff

Cat dandruff is a skin condition characterized by dry itchy skin. It can be effectively treated with simple home remedies like application of tea tree oil and bathing the cat with an appropriate dandruff shampoo.
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Last Updated: Jul 3, 2018
Cat dandruff is a common skin problem and many times a big nuisance for cat owners. A dry, flaky skin often manifests in the form of white specks of dandruff. Change in cat behavior can be distinctly noticed with the onset of this skin problem as the cat spends most of the time scratching the skin.
A dry flaky skin often leads to dandruff. The dry skin problem of your cat can be brought under control with the help of a humidifier. Just install a humidifier in your house to moisturize the cat's skin. This will indeed help to eliminate dandruff.
Use Feline Grooming Brush
Frequently, brushing the coat using a soft body brush or a greyhound comb promotes blood circulation in the skin and allows the owner to remove dry skin cells.
Change your Cat's Diet
Poor nutrition often leads to the occurrence of this skin problem. Feeding cheap cat food that are devoid of essential nutrients, particularly omega-3s, is the main cause of dandruff issues. Go for high quality canned food that is formulated for cats.
Canned tuna fish which is high in omega-3s is the least expensive option to give your cat high quality food. When canned tuna is provided on a daily basis, it can clear up the dandruff within a short time.
Many veterinarians also recommend to include food supplements such as fish oil in the diet to eliminate dandruff. These dietary changes can definitely help to restore healthy coat in cats. Dry food can also contribute to dandruff. So make sure that the cat is getting food that has enough moisture content.
Parasitic Infection
Persistent dandruff in cats is generally associated with parasitic infection and requires consultation with a veterinarian to resolve the issue.
Minimize Sun Exposure
Dry skin in cats that causes dandruff can also be due to overexposure to the sun, especially during summer. So, ensure that your pet remains indoor, when the sun is at its peak (10 am to 4 pm).
It is observed that dandruff in cats, generally affects the base of the tail, rump or the lower back. Cats often groom themselves to get rid of the affected part from dandruff. However, it is found that obese or overweight cats simply find it difficult to access these areas in order to clean them.
As the cat cannot groom itself properly, this may cause dandruff. So, as a cat owner, you need to devise strategies to help your cat lose weight.
Avoid Excessive Bathing
Bathing the cat too often is not recommended as it can remove the natural oils from its skin. These oils are essential to maintain the healthy skin of your cat.
Use the Right Shampoo
There are a number of shampoos available in the market, that are specially made to eliminate dandruff in cats. You can bathe your cat with any of these shampoos to control dandruff. If small amount of shampoo remains on the body after a bath, then it can cause dry skin which may aggravate the problem.
Tea Tree Oil
The healing properties of tea tree oil allow to treat a variety of skin conditions associated with cats. Before using it, the oil must be diluted with carrier oil for safe use.
For cats, the recommended dilution is a teaspoon of carrier oil mixed in 2 drops of tea tree oil. It helps to get rid of the itchy feeling and lessen the symptoms. You can also bath your pet with cat shampoo containing 5% diluted tea tree oil.
Disclaimer: The information provided  here is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a veterinarian.