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Calico Cat Names

Calico cats are very unique cats, and if you own one as a pet, then you need to think of a good and suitable name for it. This article provides a list of unique calico cat names for both males and females. Although male calicos are rare, they too need a special name.
CatAppy Staff
'Calico' is not just another cat breed. The cats which have a specific color pattern are called calico cats. These cats have a coat which is multicolored. White, black, and orange are those colors which are present all over the body of a pure calico cat in the form of large blocks. A version of these cats is called the tortoiseshell or tortie cat, which has a blended form of these colors.
One of the most interesting facts about calico cats is that a majority of these cats are female. Their genetics are responsible for it, as the color of the coat is a trait which is sex-linked. The female cats have two 'X' chromosomes and the males have one 'X' and one 'Y' chromosome. The 'X' chromosome is responsible for the black and orange color. The white color is due to another gene. As the female calico cats have two 'X' chromosomes, they have two coat colors, orange and black. The males have only one 'X' chromosome, so they have either an orange or a black coat.
Female Cat Names
Mysti Dell Elsha
Moon Chardae Alonsa
Daysha Johannah Cearo
Iratze Lahela Gliona
Alexondra Adeline Nastia
Karenza Anjanette Hilde
Ninette Hera Aarshiya
Love Bliss Beau
Ayiana Nanine Joy
Beruriah Darach Maryl
Altha Mariah Taiyana
Aili Ashling Aquene
Levina Belus Marlayne
Chatlie Camila Kerra
Nycole Ragnall Derforgal
Erlina Ove Juci
Kolleea Pamela Adda
Alinn Lisavet Sharlen
Saxons Sakura Pasclina
Gubnat Isabella Devanna
Lacee Lianna Aziza
Deandria Ashtyn Pascala
Inis Anarosa Cacia
Yasmina Guiseppie Makkitotosimew
Alarica Alumit Evonna
Latesha Princess Kallie
Male Cat Names
Ben Archer Fabien
Taqukaq Kimball Laren
Erasmo Morogh Dustyn
Ensign Taron Ricadene
Morgan Beldane Barhloew
Yannic Chatwin Tory
Reymond Alba Meilseoir
Avniel Heort Napayshni
Jaryl Matei Arndell
Nathanial Cyrano Doren
Styles Ridgely Adalhar
Pit Vesper Reynolds
Niall Sidell Nereus
Jackie Neakail Branton
Channing Thornley Walter
Brandan Harun Aballac
Yair Shem Pedro
Jaye Sterling Chatwin
Matthias Billie Normando
Raymundo Tyreece Jorge
Seymour Auhert Branton
Samman Wynfrith Crogher
Derek Boyden Wetherby
Chaim Lazzaro Beorhttun
MacLachlan Tayt Benjy
Suffield Matin Hwitloc
Burcet Deorward Rousskin
Abiram Brinton Ailbe
Falk Wright Lindell
Giving female cats names by color is also a good idea. And if you have a torti cat, then you can have funny female cat names like speedo or orange blossom. Just ensure that you are comfortable with these cat names.